Split tensile strength of concrete- StepWise Procedure

What is split tensile strength of concrete?

Split tensile strength of concrete is done to determine the tensile strength of moulded concrete. This is required to design any structure to bear the required amount of tensile force.

Apparatus Required

  • Compression testing machine
  • Standard cylindrical mould (150 mm diameter and 300 mm height)
  • Tamping Rod (16 mm diameter and 600 mm length)
  • Jig
  • Weighing machine
  • other accessories

Significance of Test

Concrete are brittle in nature.

The structure may fail due to tension failure. Sudden failure of the structure may cause loss of property and life of human beings due to sudden collapse and crack in the structure.

So, the tensile strength of concrete must be calculated to get the required bearing capacity of concrete.

Generally, the tensile strength of concrete is taken 10 % of the compressive strength of concrete.


Split tensile strength of concrete

At first, Calculate the required quantity of materials and weigh the required
quantity of materials i.e, Cement, Sand (Fine Aggregate), Coarse
aggregate and Water.

Now Mix the above materials very thoroughly to get a uniform mixture.

Clean the cylinder moulds and oil it completely.

Then add water to the dry mix and mix it completely to get a uniform color.

Pour the concrete into the cylinder moulds in four layers and
tamping each layer by 35 times using a tamping rod.

Struck off the concrete on the top of the mould.
After casting keep the cylinder moulds for air drying for about 24

Then remove the concrete cylinder from the moulds and keep it for
curing about 28 days.

Curing should be done without vibration at a temperature of about 270 (+ – 2) degrees Celsius for 24 hours + h hour.

The specimens are tested for a required number Of period for about
7 days and 28 days.

Apply load on the prepared concrete with out any sudden impact on the sample concrete.

The load should be applied uniformly and continuously at the rate of about 140 kg/sq cm/min until the concrete sample breaks down or cracked.

Split tensile strength of concrete

Note down the maximum load applied on the sample concrete just before cracking.

The types of failure on concrete should be noted.

Calculation of Split tensile strength of concrete

Calculation of Split tensile strength of concrete

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