Complete Bar Bending Schedule Part-1 & Part-2


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Book’s Description

This book contains Part-1 and Part-2

Part- 1

Table Of Content


1.    What is BBS (Bar Bending schedule)?

bar bending schedule
The process of cutting and bending of steel rod or reinforcement recommended by the structural engineer is known as a bar bending schedule (BBS).

2.    Why BBS is important?

3.    Standard Size of steel bars in RCC Work

4.    Grades of TMT steel?

5.    General Application of TMT Steel?

6.    Why steel used on concrete Structure?

7.    What is a clear cover?

clear cover for slab
clear cover for slab

8.    Types of Clear cover

1.    Nominal Cover

2.    Effective Clear Cover

9.    Why is clear cover important?

10.  How much should be a clear cover of the structure?


1.  What is Lap length, Development length, Anchorage Length?

a.      Lap Length

b.     Development length

c.      Anchorage Length

2.      Different Types of mixes

a.      Nominal Concrete Mix Ratios

b.     Standard Mixes Ratio

c.      Designed concrete ratio

3.      Standard Length of Bars in meter

4.      Standard Length of Bars in feet

5.      Diameter of reinforcement bars in inches and

6.      How to calculate Weight of steel per bar (Kg/Bar)

7.      Weight of bar per feet (Kg/ft)

8.      Weight of steel per bar (Kg/Bar)

9.  Overlapping of steel in footing

10.  What is Spacing?

11.  Formula to calculate Number of bars of any length

12.    Formula to calculate Number of stirrups

13.  Deduction of the length of bars due to bending at a different angle

14.  Crank length & extra bars

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Part -2

Table Of Content

1. Cutting length of the main bar

with hook

2. Cutting length of the main bar

with bend

3. Cutting length of a crank or bent

up bar

4. Cutting length of rectangular


5. Cutting length of triangular


6. Cutting length of diamond


7. Cutting length of spiral or helix


8. Cutting length of chair bar

9. Footing reinforcement detail

10. Bar Bending Schedule of RCC Beam Example

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