Hello friend in this post I have described about the points to remember for fresher civil engineer at construction site work.

If you are a fresh civil engineer or sub-engineer then this post will be very very important for you because this types of questions are generally asked in interview for job.

This is part one of the construction site post. And mentioned only 10 most important points to be remembered at site.

So, let’s start one by one,

Points to remember for fresher civil engineer|most asked interview question
Points to remember for fresher civil engineer|most asked interview question

1) Minimum of M20 Grade of concrete should be used for column and slab and M15 for staircase.
M20 is 1 : 1.5 : 3 and
M20 is 1 : 2: 4
(Cement : Sand : Aggregate)

2) The prepared concrete structure should be cured for 28 days to gain full strength.
Because a fresh concrete takes 28 days to gain 100% strength.

3) If the sand which contain 5% moisture then it should not be used for concrete mix.

4) Plinth level must be 60 cm to 80 cm above to the natural ground level. {This is also called DPC level}

5) The maximum ratio of DPC should be 1:2:4.

6) DPC means damp proof course it should not be less than 2.5 cm. It’s function is to prevent water to rise up to the superstructure from ground. You should know that capillary action occur through concrete due to which strength of super structure damaged by moisterising.

7) The pitch of the stair should not be greater than 40° and least than 20°.
Pitch is the angle between horizontal ground and the stair aligned.

8) The different between ties and stirrup is
Ties are used in column and stirrup are used in beam. But they both are rounded outside of main rod.

9) Length of hook should be 9 D where D is diameter of steel bar used for stirrup and ties. And it should be of minimum 8mm.
Hooks is the bending length of the stirrup or ties at the end.

10) Masonary bricks should soak clear water before use and if the wall is constructing with masonary bricks the expansion joint should provided after each 30 meter length of wall.
If expansion joint has not provided between wall then the wall may be crack due to expansion.

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So, friends I hope this article about “10 Point to be remember for fresher civil engineer at construction site” remains helpful to you.

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