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1) Dimension of Plaster:

How to Use This Tool?

Plaster Calculator calculates the volume of cement, and sand, and the weight of cement, Numbers of bags of cement required to plaster cubical structural members like Wall, Beam, Column, and Slab, etc.

Step 1 :- Input all the value required above of the plaster. (Dimension of wall on which plaster should be done, thickness of plaster, and mix ratio of mortar).

Step 2 :- Input the the dimension of opening in wall like door, window etc. along with quantity.

Step 3:- Click on “Calculate” button.

Step 4 :- Finally, you will get the result of quantity of cement, sand required for the given dimension of wall.

Standard Data used in this Calculator

  • Added 34% extra mortar to convert wet volume into dry volume. (You can change)
  • Density of cement = 1440 Kg/m3
  • 1 Bags of cement = 50 Kg
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