What is Non load bearing wall | Features, Types

What is a non load bearing wall?

The wall which is constructed just for partition of the area and separate the rooms on the floor is known as non load bearing wall. Sometimes these types of walls are used for decorative purposes. It does not bear a load on it.

Non-load bearing walls are constructed especially on the framed structure where all the loads of the building or structure are carried by the beam and slab of the structure.

Features of non load bearing wall

  • It does not bear any load of the structure.
  • It is specially constructed in high rise building which has frame structures like beams, columns to bear the load.
  • Opening in walls, like door and window, can be created easier which do not affect the performance of whole structure to bear the load.
  • It is constructed with the help of lightweight materials.
  • It can and be removed and constructed at any time and in any area of the floor easily.
  • No fully skilled human resource is required like load-bearing walls.
  • It is constructed to divide the area of the floor.

Types of non load bearing wall

1) Facade Bricks wall

These types of bricks have a number of circular holes on the bed or sailor side of bricks. It is made up of clay and strong enough to construct the wall. It is lightweight and has a good heat-resisting capacity.

What is Non load bearing wall |  Features, Types

2) Clay Brick Walls

These types of bricks are manufactured in solid form. There are no holes in it. It is made up of clay. It is the strongest brick among non-load-bearing walls. The frog side in bricks helps to make the bond between mortar and bricks to construct the stronger wall.

What is Non load bearing wall |  Features, Types

3) Hollow Concrete Block wall

These types of bricks are large in size made up of concrete. There are large holes in the bricks to make them lighter and heat-resisting. It is strong enough since it is constructed with concrete.

What is Non load bearing wall |  Features, Types

4) Hollow Bricks wall

This type of brick is the same as the Facade Bricks but the difference is, it has large rectangular holes in the sailor or bedside of the bricks. It is the lightest brick to construct non-load-bearing walls. Its structure is the same as a concrete block but it is constructed with clay.

What is Non load bearing wall |  Features, Types

Non load bearing wall framing

Frame in the non-load bearing wall is required if the wall is constructed above the floor for a temporary basis. This type of wall is constructed with the help of materials like wood, steel, aluminum, and plastics, etc.

Wall framing is necessary to make the wall stand on the floor. For this, frames are attached above, below and side of the wall with the help of screws and nails in the wooden frame. The frame should be strong enough to bear lateral force due to wind or leaning load on the wall.

How to remove a non load bearing wall?

These types of walls can be removed very easily. As it does not have any load above it, we don’t have to keep support above the wall with the help of any hydraulic jack. But it may cause harm if the wall is made up of masonry materials. If the wall is made of bricks then, it should be removed part by part from the upper side of the wall.

If the wall is of wood or steel which are framed with floor and wall, then it can be easily removed by removing the frame around the wall.

Keep in mind before removing a wall, switch off all the electric equipment and cut the electricity of wire, and remove sharp or pointed equipment beside the wall.

Cost to remove a non load bearing wall

The cost to remove the wall depends upon the types of wall and area of the country. You can check it here.

How to build a non load bearing wall with a door?

How to tell if a wall is load bearing?

  • The wall will be non load bearing if it is parallel to the joist above it.
  • If the wall is outside of the non-framed structure, then the wall is load bearing.
  • Theses types of walls has a large opening.

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