Top 17 Most Useful Civil engineering apps for android – 2021

Hello guys, I have discussed the Most Useful Civil engineering apps for Android below one by one.

Smartphones have really essential tools for engineering purposes. The old days, where engineer carries big bags containing notebooks, pens, measuring instruments, calculating devices, and so on has been replaced simply by the smartphones along with the necessary application.

All the necessary data can be simply recorded, measured, and even can be analyzed and computed within the minutes with help of these applications.

Over the recent decade, android phones have been very popularly used and thus many applications and software developers have achieved great success in linking the android mobile not only for daily use only but also for professional uses.

Some of the very important application that has been in recently used in Android mobiles are listed with there certain features.

1) AutoCAD Drawing viewer and editor

Top 17 Most Useful Civil engineering apps for android - 2020

Among all app this is the Most Useful Civil engineering apps for Android.

It is very cumbersome to take the large size paper of drawing of structure everywhere you go and watch in any place.

The AutoCAD drawing viewer is a specially coded application for civil engineering for easy view of building drawings and structural drawing in reduce or large scales as required.

Moreover, the app even provides facilities to edit simple corrections needed instant at the site. The simple rough layout of the building and structure on-site can be simple made with easy dimensioning tools.

2) Microsoft Office pack

Top 17 Most Useful Civil engineering apps for android - 2020

The different Microsoft Office work tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel sheet, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, etc are available for android phones.

These applications are very familiar and similar to the desktop application.  The necessary work can be done in any place of site or places where the laptop or computers are not accessible. Moreover simple editing, viewing is very useful for an engineer for instant works.

3) Compass

Compass is a very basic tool for the surveyors and engineers to locate the direction site plan. The compass is basically based upon the magnetic property of the earth.

The location of North helps the engineer to take reference for aby site drawing and then later on carrying other desk work and actually works.

Most smartphones do have a compass as a basic app, but the other compass with unique tools and other operation like bulls eyes bubble, leveling sport, etc are also available for android devices

4) Maps

Map are basic tools for not only engineers but for everyone. But as engineers had to deal with the different conditions of sites, their accessibility, location, the terrain, and geomorphology characteristics of that place, it is easier to study map instant-on phones rather than going all the places for reconnaissance.

The 2 D map and also even 3D map along with terrain viewing tools or plan viewing tools are available for android devices. The Google map is a primary app that is available on smartphones besides these apps like maps.

It is also available for android mobiles. These have the function of allowing the download of offline maps in advance which can be view any time when required in the unavailability of the Internet.

5) Bulls eye bubble or spirit level

These applications are very important for an engineer to estimate or measure the level of the surfaces. The modern android apps even facilities to measure the angle of inclination.

The application is based on a gyroscope sensor of the mobile. They are handy applications very useful for the cross-checks of the work or simple estimation.

6) Passometer and Pedometer app

The Pedometer or Passometer apps are used to count the number of steps, time to travel distance, distance traveled, velocity, and even burn the number of calories.

The sensitivity f distance can be altered by keeping your own pace factor. Also, the app works when you carry your mobile in a backpack or pocket. It is a very useful app for surveyors and engineers to calculate rough distance before any work.

7) S4W app

The full form of S4W is smart phones for water. It is founded by US bon profit organization with different countries to allocate the data of water resources all over the world. The S4W-Nepal is the subdivision of it.

S4W is targeted at young citizens and engineers who are interested in research. The students and engineers can fill up the data of river or water source on basis of their own observations and the data are collected and recorded globally. People can freely use the data for water management and further research.

8) Frame design

Frame design application are based on the computational techniques to determine the stress, strain,  forces.

The app is based on the finite element method. The engineer can use it to design the frame by keeping suitable values of the forces, section dimensions in text or in diagrammatic presentation and the app compute instantly.

9) Ruler app and magicplan

Top 17 Most Useful Civil engineering apps for android - 2021
Most Useful Civil engineering apps for Android

The app is based on taking pictures and photos of a certain Geometrical figure or structure on site along with reference known length and thus the app instantly calculates or estimates other Geometrical values in the picture.

The length, area, and volume can be easily calculated without measuring all in actuality.

Moreover the recent application even facilities to flag at the Geometrical corners of room or structure and on basis of which direct measurement and plan of the room or structure can be created on the app.

10) Roofing calculator

This is a useful app for engineers to estimate the timber and tiles on the roof of the structure. The user has to input some basic information like the pitch of the roof, area length then the app will provide the length of the rafter, the number of rafters required, etc.

11) Concrete mix design and calculator

These are the engineering application useful for both engineers and contractors. The app is based on design guidelines suggested by  IS: 10262-2009 and IS 456.

The app creates the designated ratio of a mixture of aggregate and cement for the desired grade of concrete along with the required slump value.

The information like the type of aggregates, their gradation sizes, and water content should be filled up, and then the app prepared the ratio of the mix for a required grade. The app also helps to calculate the required batches needed for performing a certain volume of work.

12) Civil engineering basics

The app generally includes basic information required for civil engineers. Its no doubt that all information and knowledge gain over the engineering study cannot be memorized all the time.

Thus this app act as a handbook for the engineers which includes necessary notes, topics, blogs, and information. The app provides easy revision and reference for the engineers before beginning any work and job, especially for the interview.

It covers more than 300 engineering topics which are even useful for civil engineering students.

13) AndTruss 2D

This is another application based on the computational techniques approach of Civil Engineering. The app is also based on the finite element method and analysis app for the static equilibrium of the plane truss.

It is a graphical user interface application in which the people can Geometrically enter data and force values and the app quickly computes and analyses and present result in pictorial form.

14) Steel profile

This app gives the standard values of beam section of steel of different shapes I, H, C, T etc along with their property and dimensions used for. The standard values may differ from country to country which can be selected from app.

15) Procore

Procore is a cloud-based android software application, use for the data recording and statistical manipulation of the construction management project.

It links all data related to the project and can be easily accessed with an authorized password. Thus, the information about the project can be easily extracted whenever and where you need it with an Android phone and Internet access.

16) Esub Field works

This is also one of the data recording apps for keeping all the details about the fieldwork at site by Engineer.

The engineer at site capture photos, make necessary data collection at site and makes notes and upload in the app so that other authorized fellow sub-user related to project can use the data for their part of work.

17) Engineering codes and standard

Top 17 Most Useful Civil engineering apps for android - 2020

This is an informative app. The app includes most of the standards and codes required for the civil engineer with the easy classification of related topics. The user can get a quick reference of the codes and standards via this app.

The standard has a brief description of the norms, clauses, and standards of the codes.

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I hope this article on “Most Useful Civil engineering apps for Android” remains helpful for you.

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