Is 875 part 5- Download Free .PDF files For Buildings and Structures

Hello guys, In this post I have given is 875 part 5 .PDF file to download. I recommend you read the content below to confirm that, this is the IS Code which you are looking for.

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Is 875 part 5- Download Free .PDF files For Buildings and Structures

Contents of IS 875

  2. Scope
  3. Temperature Effect
  4. Hydrostatic and Soil Pressure
  5. Fatigue
  6. Structural Safety During Construction
    1. A load required to be carried by the structures or any part of it due to storage or Poisoning of construction and erection equipment including all load. due to the operation of such equipment, shall be considered as erection loads. Proper provision shall be made including temporary bracing. to take care of all stresses due to erection loads.
    2. The structure as a whole and all parts of the structure in conjunction with the temporary bracing. shall be capable of sustaining these erection loads without exceeding the permissible stress specified in respective codes of practice. The dead load, wind load, and such parts of the imposed load as would be imposed on the structure during the period of erection shall be taken as acting together with erection load.
  1. Accidental Loads
  2. Impact And Collision
  3. Explosion
  4. Vertical Load on air raid Shelter
  5. Fire
    1. Other loads not included in the present code such as special loads due to technical process, moisture and shrinkage effects, etc, should be taken into account where stipulated by building design codes or established in accordance with the performance requirement of the structure.
  1. Other Loads
  2. Load Combinations

Download Is 875 part 5

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