How to make a free standing pallet wall? Steps and Purposes

What is free standing pallet wall?

How to make a free standing pallet wall? Steps and Purposes

A pallet wall is a type of wall built using flat wooden or metal ply with wooden studs. A free-standing pallet wall is a pallet wall that doesn’t need support and is stable on the ground. Free standing pallet wall can be built with reused wooden pallet slat.

Purpose of free standing pallet wall

  • These walls can be used as temporary walls, partition walls.
  • It can also be used as a poster holder.
  • It can be used as a display wall, to display information, notices, menus in restaurants, to display photos, etc.
  • These pallet walls can be used as temporary fencing walls.
  • It can be used to brighten up areas and to decorate any events.

How to make a free standing pallet wall?

To construct a free standing pallet wall we need some wooden studs, wooden planks, screws, nails, a drilling machine, hammer, hot glue gun, paint, wood clamp, etc.

Steps to build free standing pallet wall are:

  • According to the size of the pallet wall we require, take some wooden posts or studs. Keep the posts at an equal distance to support the wooden plank. The size of the posts depends upon the size of the wall to be made. The posts stand vertically with respect to the ground.
  • Then the ply is attached to the vertical posts with the help of glue or screws. The thicker the ply the more the strength of the wall. If the ply is thin we can nail it together or glue it. For thicker ply screws are used.
  • The distance between the horizontal ply can be according to the need.
  • Make sure that all the nails and screws are properly nailed.
  • A thicker wooden ply of a larger area is taken and attached at the bottom of the wall as support that helps the wall to stand on the ground freely.
  • For more stability take some wooden posts and attach it with the bottom ply and the wall, usually at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Wheels can also be attached to the wall for mobility.
  • Any two or more pallet walls can be attached together.
  • To prevent these walls form damaging it should be painted.

Things to remember to Construct pallet wall

  • Make sure all the screws and nails are not protruding out.
  • The more the height of the pallet wall, the more support is required. The angle of the posts to support the wall may vary according to the wall height.
  • The number of ply and wooden posts require to depend upon the size of the wall. You must remember to account for waste because some planks will unavoidably get damaged in the process.
  • Termites may infect the wood so for longer life of the wall it must be painted.

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