How much concrete does a truck hold?

The average size of a concrete truck holds eight to ten cubic yards of concrete. But there are also larger & smaller sizes of concrete trucks. Eight to ten cubic yard truck is the right size for residential work such as foundations, driveways, or steps.

Larger concrete trucks will carry upwards of 15 yards of concrete. These are generally used in large-scale commercial or industrial projects that need to pour many concrete fasts.

How much concrete does a truck hold?

In many cases, like dams, large foundations, or bridges, the concrete pours need to be done all before the concrete can be set up. All large construction projects need concrete so builders prefer large trucks.

Mini concrete trucks hold around four yards of concrete.  These are best for cities where streets & properties may be light. These trucks are best if you are pouring a set of concrete steps. These trucks are easy to drive.

How much concrete does a truck hold?

In the USA, concrete is measured in yards. There are various sizes of RMC trucks on road. The most common truck has a drum capacity of eleven to fifteen cubic yards.

However, due to the weight limit on the road, they will carry eight to eleven cubic yards. For small roads project, much concrete has to be transferred to many locations so a small truck can hold four cubic yards.

There are an average of eight to ten yards of concrete in a truck. An average size eight to ten yards concrete truck weighs 9070 to 13600 Kg. The average eight to ten yards concrete truck is great for residential work like footing.

Large 15 yards concrete trucks are better for industrial or commercial work that can require 1000+ yards of concrete. Mini trucks are best when streets are tight to drive in or for small jobs.

In other countries like the United Kingdom, India, Australia & parts of the world, they use the cubic meter(m3) for the measurement of ready-mix concrete. RMC truck can carry 6 cubic meters of concrete, but for special projects, it can carry 8.5 cubic meters of concrete.

For a road project small many concrete to needs to be transferred to many locations so a small truck may hold 3.5 m3. In general, an RMC truck shall carry 6 cubic meters of concrete which is equal to 212 cubic feet (Ft3), 2.12 brass or approximately equals 14.4 MT.

Mathematical calculation;

 1 m3= 35.3147 ft3 then,

How much concrete does a truck hold?

If you need quantity in brass then divide the total cubic feet by 100,

How much concrete does a truck hold?

You can also calculate quantity in metric ton;

Multiply the total cubic meter with 2400 (density of concrete in kg/m3),

= 6 * 2400 = 14400 kg

How much concrete does a truck hold?

How to calculate cement, sand & aggregate for a given volume of concrete in truck?


  Volume of concrete = 6 m3

Assume; M25 grade of concrete (1:1:2)

Increase 50% to get dry volume of concrete = 1.5 x 6 = 9 m3

Total part of mix proportion = 1+1+2 = 4

 Quantity of cement,

= 9/4 * 1

= 2.25 m3

= 2.25 * 28.8 bags

= 64.8 bags

How much concrete does a truck hold?

How much concrete do trucks carry?

An average concrete truck carries between eight to ten yards of concrete. Small trucks carry 4 yards & large trucks carry around 15 yards. It takes 45 x x80lb bags of quikrete concrete equal to yard of concrete.

So, a fully loaded truck with ten yards has equivalent to 450 x x80 lb. bags of concrete.

42 bags of 80lb concrete fit on a pallet which is less than a yard. So a fully packed concrete truck holding 10 yards has over 10 ½ pallets of 80lb concrete.

How many bags of cement can carry a truck?

When calculating the number of cement bags, it is important to know how much each bag weighs. 1 bag normally weighs about 80 pounds.

A general cement truck has a capacity of around 40-50 cubic yards. 1 cubic yard is approximately 54-81 sq. ft. When cement is loaded in a truck, you should never load the vehicles more than carrying capacity.

This can cause accidents & damage the vehicle. Cement is a valuable material & should be transported properly. Improper storage or improper handling can cause deterioration of the material. The cement should be properly covered & packed in bags.

What is the standard height of concrete truck?

Generally, a standard concrete truck is 8-9 ft. tall & weighs between 27,000 to 40,000 pounds. A full truck can carry 8-10 cubic yards of concrete.

The height & length of a truck may vary, depending on the size & design of the truck.

For example, a standard pickup truck with a 2 yards mixing body will stand about 8 ft. tall. A typical concrete truck contains a mixer, drum & additional equipment.

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