Guide and Basic Rules to design RCC Column | how to design a column

Hello friends in this post I have described about the Guide and Basic Rules to design a RCC Column.

Design of column depends on materials used in construction, types and intensity of load acting on it, weather it is precast or cast-in-situ, durability of structure you want to construct, environmental factors etc.

But here I have described only some Guide and Basic Rules to design a RCC Column. This is thumb rule to design a column to bear load.

Let us learn step by step for better understanding.

Guide and Basic Rules to design RCC Column
Guide and Basic Rules to design RCC Column

1) The Minimum number of steel bar in rectangular column should be 4 and for circular column should be 6.

2) The minimum grade of concrete to be used in column should be M20.

{Here, M20 is Grade of concrete which represent strength of the concrete. To Read in detail about what is M20, M15, M20 etc Click here}

3) The dimension of a column should not be less than 9″ X 9″ Inches.

4) The quantity of steel should be less than 6% but more than 0.8% of concrete column.

5) The longitudinal steel rod should have diameter more than 12 mm and should not more than 50 mm.

{Longitudinal rod is vertical steel rod or main rod used in column}

6) The minimum clear cover of concrete to the outside of longitudinal bars should not be less than 40 mm.

{Clear cover is the distance between steel rod and outer surface of the concrete}

7) If the main steel rods have to overlap with each other for continuity of construction, then the overlap distance should be more than 24 times the diameter of the smallest steel.

{Overlap occurs when two rods are connected with each other}

8) The minimum diameter of the ties should not be less than 1/4 th of the the diameter of the main steel bars but never use ties of less than 5 mm.

9) The least spacing of the lateral ties in the column may be used of 150 mm.

10) The Steel rod should be straight while overlapping is exist.

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