Top 5 facts about Burj Khalifa situated in Dubai

Top 5 facts about Burj Khalifa situated in Dubai
Burj Khalifa

Facts-1. The height of Burj khalifa is 828meter and 2716.5 feet. It is three times as tall as the Eiffel tower.

Facts-2. The weight of the concrete used in this building is about equivalent to 100000 elephants.

Facts-3. The top of Burj Khalifa can be seen from a distance of about 95 kilometers away.

Facts-4. The building has consumed about 110000 tons of concrete and 55000 tons of steel rebars and twenty-two million man-hours to get complete construction of Burj Khalifa.

Facts-5. It took six years to construct Burj Khalifa i.e Started in 2004 AD and completed in 20010 AD.

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