Difference between OPC and PPC Cement- Strength, Grade, Durability

Both of the cement OPC and PPC are used according to their features and application. Both of cement have their own function according to durability, setting time, Strength, Workability, etc. Lets us discuss the difference between OPC and PPC Cement one by one.

Difference between OPC and PPC Cement

Full Name

The full form of PCC is Portland pozzolana Cement..The full form of PCC is Portland pozzolana Cement.

Manufacturing process

OPC cleankers  70-75%, Gypsum  3 to 5 % and pozzolanic material 10 -25% which may be fly ash, volcanic rocks, pumicites, clay and shale.The row materials used for manufacture of OPC are calcareous materials containing lime stone which is 60 to 70%.
Argillaceous materials containing Silica 17% to 25%
Alumina 3% to 8%
And oxide of Iron 0.5 to 6%
Gypsum , magnesia, sulphur trioxide, potash/soda (0.5-1.3%)

All these materials are mixed in fixed proportion and heated in kiln to form klinkers, which are then grinded  to required fineness to obtain OPC and PPC Cement.

ISI Marking in OPC and PPC Cement

Difference between OPC and PPC Cement
ISI Marking
The ISI mark in OPC cement Red in colourThe ISI mark in PCC cement Red in colour

OPC Grades

As per BIS( before of Indian standards), OPC is available in 33 Grades, 43 Grades, 53 Grades.As per BIS( Before of Indian Standards), PPC is available in one grade and it’s grades approximately matches   33 grade of OPC cement.

IS Code for OPC

IS code used for OPC 33 gradescement is IS 269.IS code used for PPC is (part 1 and 2) 1991.
IS codes used for OPC 43 grades cement is IS 8112.
and for 53 grades of cement  IS 12269 is used.

Strength of OPC and PPC

In 3 days OPC achieve  35 N/mm2IN 3 days PPC achieve 23 N/mm2
In 7 days OPC achieve compressive strength of 43.5 N/mm2In 7 days PPC achieve compressive strength of 39 N/mm2
In 28 days OPC achieve compressive strength of 55 N/mm2In 28 days PPC achieve compressive strength of 56.5 N/mm2.

From the above data we can conclude that initial strength of OPC cement is higher than PPC cement.

But for long term strength , Portland Pozzolana Cement is higher than Ordinary Portland Cement.

So, it is clear now if you need higher strength in initial stage then go for OPC otherwise go for PPC.


The durability of concrete made with OPC cement is lessDurability of concrete made with PPC is higher than OPC

It means that the structure made up of PPC cement will be last longer.


It is the characteristic of concrete that how easily it can flow on the surface or while casting in formwork.

The concrete made with OPC has lower workability, where the concrete made with PPC has higher workability.


Permeability of concrete is the characteristics of concrete which is jet liquid or water to pass through it.

Due to absent o pozzolanic materials, ordinary Portland cement is highly permeable to the water.On the other hand PPC is less permeable. So, it is suitable for structure like bridge piers or river training works.

Heat of Hydration

Heat is generated when water and cement react with each other. In the case of OPC hydration process takes less time for completion and it produces more heat than PPCWhere in case of PPC cement, hydration process takes longer time and produces less heat during hydration. So, it can be used for mass concreting.

You should know that if the cement posses more heat in less time, then it cannot be used for mass concrete or huge construction like, dam, bridge, etc. Otherwise it may generate cracks in the structure.

Setting Time

The initial setting time of OPC is 30 minutes.The initial setting time of OPC is also 30 minutes.
Final setting time of OPC cement is 280 minutes i.e. 11.67 days.The final setting time of PPC is 600 minutes i.e. 25 days. It has more final setting time. So, it helps to better finishing of concrete.

OPC has less initial setting time. So, it is recommended for structures where props are to be removed early.


The fineness of OPC is 225 m2/KgThe fineness of PPC is 300 m2/Kg

Resistance to attack against chemicals

OPC has less resistance to attack against chemicals than PPC cement. The chemicals are like, sulphate. Chloride, alkalies,etc.

Curing time

The process of spreading water over concrete after it casted in formwork to gain required strength is known as curing.

Difference between OPC and PPC Cement
OPC cement requires minimum of 7 days for curing but  PPC cement  requires minimum of 10 days for curing.But if the weather is hot then OPC need 10 days and ppc required minimum 14 days. So, curing cost is less in OPC cement.

Environmental Impact

During manufacture of OPC, large amount of chemical gases like OPC emulted but in PPC cement less amount of chemical gases produces as it contains 10% to 25% pozolanic materials.

So, PPC is called as environmental friendly.

The cost of OPC is more than PPC . Generally, it’s price different is less than Ṩ0.05 dollors but overall cost in construction make large amount of different in project cost.


OPC is most commonly used cement in construction, higher grade loke M53 grade is not recommended for plastering it may develop shrinkage cracks due to its high strength.

It can be used for structural members like, slabs, beam and columns.PPC can be used for all type of construction like, structure, residential and commercial building.
It is usually used for lower construction.It is usually used for mass concrete works, marine works, dams, huge foundations, roads, bridges, and flyovers, etc. it can also used for plastering, tiling and waterproofing.

According to design and time required for structure both OPC and PPC are used in construction and both of them have their own advantage and disadvantage.

Generally nowadays OPC are used in higher amount than PPC because it has high strength, durability as well as safe environmental factors.

Now, you can yourself identify that which cement may be correct for your construction works.

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