What is Strut? Difference between column and strut

Difference between column and strut

There is a little difference between column and strut. However, both of them are compressor members used in civil engineering structures.
Here, you will be clear about these little differences with the picture. So, let’s start.

A structural member which is designed to bear especially compressive force is called a compressive member. The structural members may be horizontal, verticle, or inclined.

The column is a compressive member of the frame structure while the strut is a compressor member of the trust structure.
You know truss consists of all types of members i.e horizontal, verticle, and inclined.

What is Strut? Difference between the Column and the Strut
Difference between the Column and the Strut

Here, you can know more clearly, the inclined and horizontal members of the truss are known as struts while the verticle member is known as column. The cross-sectional area of the strut may be circular, I sectional, T sectional, Channel, Compound, and Tubular.

What is Strut? Difference between the Column and the Strut

The hollow circular section tubular) is considered as the most economical section to resist compressive force.
The slenderness ratio of the strut generally remains more than 20. The ratio of the effective length of the column to the least radius of gyration is known as the slenderness ratio.

If (l) is the effective length and (r) is the radius of gyration then, l/r is the slenderness ratio.

Slenderness ratio of the strut should be greater than the specified value below.

Slenderness RatioLoad Condition
180Dead load + Superimposed load
250Dead load + Wind + and Seismic load
350Dead load + reversal of force

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