Difference between carpet area and built up area of Building

Difference between carpet area and built up area

Plinth area

The plinth area is defined as the built-up covered area of a building measured at the floor level of any storey. It is calculated by taking the external dimensions of the building at the floor level excluding plinth offset if any. 

Balconies, open areas, court-yard, and cantilever projections are not included in the plinth area.

Difference between carpet area and built up area of Building
Difference between carpet area and built up area of Building

The following which should be included in the plinth area;

  1. All floors, area of wall at the floor level excluding plinth offset.
  2. Internal shafts are provided for sanitary installations these do not exceed 2 sq. m in area air condition ducts, lifts, etc.
  3. The area of barsati and the area of mumty at the terrace level.
  4. Area of porches other than cantilevered.

The following which should not be included in the plinth area;

  1. Area of the loft.
  2. Internal sanitary shafts provided which is more than 2 sq. m in area.
  3. Unenclosed balconies.
  4. Tower, turrets, domes, etc. projecting above the terrace level, not forming a story at the terrace level.
  5. Architectural bands, cornices, etc.
  6. Sunshades, vertical sun breakers, or box louvers projecting out.

Carpet area

Carpet area of a building is the useful area or liveable area.

Carpet area is calculated by total floor area minus the circulation area, verandahs, corridors, passages, staircase, lift, entrance hall, etc and minus other non- useable area as sanitary accommodation, air conditioning room, etc.

Carpet area is the liveable area and should exclude the pantry, kitchen, stores, and similar other rooms which are not used for living purposes for residential building, and for an office building, carpet area is the useable area or lettable area.

The carpet area of a building shall be the floor area excluding the following for any storey building ;

a) Sanitary accommodation,

b) Verandahs,

c) Corridors and passages,

d) Kitchen and pantries

e) Stores in domestic buildings,

f) Stair cases and mumties,

g) Entrance hall and porches,

h) shafts for lifts,

i) BarsatiesGarages,

j) Barsaties,

k) Canteens,

l) Air conditioning ducts and air conditioning plant room.

The carpet area for an office building maybe 60% to 75% of the plinth area of the building with a target of 75%. The carpet area for residential buildings maybe 50% to 65% of the plinth area of building with a target of 65%.

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