Development length calculator (IS 456:2000)

Development length calculator (I.S-456:2000)

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How to use Development length calculator?

This calculator use all data and recommendation provided by IS Code 456:2000. You have to provide the information on the diameter of the steel rod, Grade of concrete and steel rod to calculate the development length.

Select all information from the drop-down list of the calculator. Like types of bars, Zones of bars, grade of concrete and steel rod etc.

After providing all values you have to click on Calculate to get the value of development length for the required concrete and steel bars.

The value of Design Bond stress will be taken according to the required data from IS Code automatically.

Formula to Calculate Development Length – IS Code

Development length calculator (IS 456:2000)
Fig. Source – IS Code 456:2000

How to take Design Bond stress of Concrete?

Development length calculator (IS 456:2000)
Fig. Source – IS Code 456:2000
Development length calculator (IS 456:2000)

What is Development Length? Detail

Development length formula- How to Calculate development length of steel

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