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Hello friends here I have described about “how much should be clear cover of different structure like column, beam and slab etc.” i.e minimum clear cover of concrete.

What is Clear Cover of concrete??

The Distance between the outer reinforcement and the outer surface of the concrete structure is known as clear cover.

Why to provide appropriate clear cover in concrete structure?

  • It protect the steel bars from corrosion by cutting off contact with environment.
  • It Provide protection from fire and act as thermal insulation.
  • It provide strength to the steel bars to withstand on given stress of tension and compression both.

Now let us deal with one by one of the clear cover of the structures

Clear cover in concrete

For Beam

The minimum clear cover of the beam should 25 mm

For Coloumn

The minimum clear cover of the column should be 40mm

For Slab

The minimum clear cover of the slab should be 20 mm

For Staircase

The minimum clear cover of the staircase should be 15 mm

Watch video on minimum clear cover of concrete

Next time we will discuss about the appropriate thickness of mortar which should be used for wall, column, beam, roof, floor etc. For that please subscribe our youtube channel Civil Concept.


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