Civil engineer objective questions – Structural Analysis and Design (Section-16)

1) The fixed support in a real beam become in the conjugate beam a____?

a) Roller support

b) Hinged support

c) Fixed support

d) Free end

2) As simply supported beam deflects by 5 mm when it is subjected to a concentrated load of 10kN at its centre. What will be deflection in a 1/10 model of the beam if the model is subjected to a 1 kN load at its centre?

a) 5 mm

b) 0.5 mm

c) 0.05 mm

d) 0.005 mm

3) For a single point load W moving on a symmetrical three hinged parabolic arch of spam L, the maximum sagging moment occurs at a distance X from ends. The value of X is____?

a) 0.211 L

b) 0.25 L

c) 0.234 L

d) 0.5 L

4) Sinking of an intermediate support of a continuous beam____?

Consider the following statements

1. Reduces the negative moment at support

2. Increase the negative moment at support

3. Reduces the position moment support

4. Increase the positive moment at the centre of span

a) 1 and 4 are correct

b) 1 and 3 are correct

c) 2 and 3 are correct

d) 2 and 4 are correct

5) When a load crosses a though type pratt truss in the direction left to right, the nature of force in any diagonal member in the left half of the span would____?

a) Change from compression to tension

b) Change from compression

c) Always be compression

d) Always be tension

6) The deformation of a sparing produced by a unit load is called____?

a) Stiffness

b) Flexibility

c) Influence coefficient

d) Unit strain

7) The width of analogous column in the method of column analogy is____?

a) 2/EI

b) 1/EI

c) 1/2EI

d) 1/4EI

8) Muller Breslau’s principle for obtaining influence line is applicable to____?

1. Trusses

2. Statically determinate beams and frames

3. Statically indeterminate structure, the material of which is elastic and follows Hooke’s law

4. Any statically indeterminate structure

The correct answer is?

a) 1,2 and 3

b) 1,2 and 4

c) 1 and 2

d) Only 1

9) Select the correct statement?

a) Flexibility matrix is a square symmetrical matrix

b) Stiffness matrix is a square systematical matrix

c) Both a and b

d) None of above

10) A load w is moving from left to right support on a simply supported beam of spam T. The maximum bending moment at 0.41 from the left support is___?

a) 0.16 WI

b) 0.20 WI

c) 0.24 WI

d) 0.25 WI

11) In the displacement method of structural analysis, the basic unknowns are___?

a) Displacements

b) Force

c) Displacements and forces

d) None of the above

12) Which of the following methods of structural analysis is a force method?

a) Slope deflection method

b) Column analogy method

c) Moment distribution method

d) None of the above

13) When a uniformly distributed load, shorter than the span of the girder, moves from left to right, then the conditions for maximum bending moment at a section is that____?

a) The head of the reaches the section

b) The tail of the load reaches the section

c) The load position should be such that the section divides it equally on both sides

d) The load position should be such that the section divides the load in the same ratio as it divides the

14) The maximum bending moment due to a train of wheel loads on a simply supported girder___?

a) Always occurs at centre of span

b) Always occurs under a wheel load

c) Never occurs under a wheel load

d) None of the above

15) For a symmetrical two hinged parabolic arch, if one of the supports settles horizontal thrust______?

a) Is increased

b) Is decreased

c) Remains unchanged

d) Becomes zero

16) Bending moment at any section in a conjugate beam gives in the actual beam_____?

a) Slope

b) Curvature

c) Remains unchanged

d) Become zero

17) While using three moments equation, a fixed end of a continuous beam is replaced by an additional span of_____?

a) Zero length

b) Infinite length

c) Zero moment of inertia

d) None of the above

18) The degree of static indeterminacy up to which column analogy method can be used is____?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) Unrestricted

19) The carryover factor in a prismatic member whose far end is fixed is____?

a) 0

b) 1/2

c) 2/4

d) 1

20) Principle of superposition is applicable when____?

a) Deflections are liner functions of applied forced

b) Materials obeys Hooke’s law

c) The action of applied forces will be affected by small deformations of the structure

d) None of the above

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