Civil engineer objective questions – Drawing Techniques (Section-4)

141. One of the characteristics features of a perspective drawing is

that objects are drawn: 

a) smaller as their distance from the observer increases

b) same size irrespective of distance 

c) larger as their distance from the observer increases

d) none of the above

142. The principal of oblique view drawing is to keep:

a) width axes at 90°

b) width and height axes at 90° 

c) width, height and depth axes at 90° d) all of the above

143. In Engineering Drawing, French Curves mean :

a) the shape of an hourglass 

b) drafting tools used to draw non-linear figures

c) drafting tools used to draw oblong figures

d) helical designs patented in France 

144. The maps which are on sufficient large scale to enable the individual features shown on the map to be identified on the ground by their shape and position are called:

a) topographical maps                  b) geographical maps 

c) geological maps                         d) site plan

145. The letter ‘H’ lebelled in a Drawing Pencil indicates –

a) relative hardness                                   b) thickness of line 

c) both of above                             d) none of the above

146. The line connecting a view to note is called:

a) leader                                                       b) cross line 

c) outline                                                      d) dimension line

147. In isometric view a circle is seen as : 

a) a parabola                                               b) a hyperbola

c) a cone                                                       d) an ellipse 

148. In orthographic projection, the projection’s are always to the plane of projection.

a) perpendicular                             b) parallel

c) 60°                                                 d) 30°

149. In standard A series drawing sheet, the ratio of length of shorter side to longer side

a) 1:2                                                 b) 3:4

c) 1:√2                                                           d) 13:2

150. Which of the following theories of mathematics is used by a CAD (computer Aided Design) software in creating a perspective design?

a) descriptive geometry               b) linear algebra

c) Bernoulli’s theorem                              d) vector analysis

151. The most of the texture can be drawn with the help of drawing pen with line thickness 

a) 0.1mm                                                      b) 0.5mm

c) 0.8mm                                                      d) 1.0mm

152. Presentation drawing are generally rendered due to 

a) decoration                                               b) give real effects 

c) attract the client                                    d) satisfaction

153. The most suitable angle for the cone of the vision for drawing perspective is

a) 600                                                            b) 450 

c) 300                                                            d) 150

154. The best drawing paper used for water color is : 

a) handmade paper (handmade drawing sheet)

b) tracing drawing sheet 

c) ordinary drawing sheet

d) ammonia paper

155. The length of the rectangle representing the development of the lateral surface of a right circular cylinder is equal to :

a) circumference of the circular base 

b) twice the circumference of circular base

c) diameter of the circular base

d) radius of the circular base

156. Third angle projection is the traditional……….system

a) American                                     b) British 

c) Indian                                                        d) Nepal

157. Engineers prefer to make ……….. sketches than to pictorial sketches to clear the shape of an object

a) orthographic                                          b) perspective

c) auto CAD                                      d) all of the above

158. The selection of suitable scale and allotment of proper space for margin, title block, revision panel, folding marks, etc. on

the drawing sheet is known as: 

a) formatting                                               b) layout

c) folding                                                      d) centering

159. The size of the title block of all sizes of drawing sheet is:

a) 420 mm, 65 mm                                    b) 185 mm, 65 mm

c) 297 mm, 65 mm                                    d) 185 mm, 50 mm

160. The projection in which the length, breadth and height of an object is shown in one view is Known as:

a) pictorial projection                               b) isometric projection

c) cavalier projection                                d) cabinet projection

161. The shades and shadows are:

a) the same                                      b) the different

c) the result of object on the ground

d) the result of light on the ground

162. Pencil drawings are generally corrected or revised with the

help of:

a) razor blade                                              b) eraser shield

c) ink                                                              d) all of the above

163. Dimension lines and projection lines are drawn as

a) continuous thick lines              b) continuous thin line with zig zags

c) continuous thin line                  d) continuous thin and wary lines

164. Select the incorrect statement about orthographic projections:

a) the reference planes are also called the principle planes 

b) the object must the situated in the first quadrant

c) the planes of projection and assumed to be transparent

d) projections are obtained by drawing perpendiculars from the object to the planes

165. In the first angle method of orthographic projection

a) the object comes between the observer and the plane

b) the plane comes between the object and the observer 

c) the observer comes between the object and the plane

d) none of the above

166. Which of the following regarding scales in drawing is NOT true?

a) the name of the scale (e.g. scale 1:10) should be mentioned below the scale

b) a diagonal scale consists of a primary scale and a venirer

c) comparative scales may be plain or diagonal 

d) when an unusual scale is used it is constructed on the drawing sheet

167. The free hand drawing of a ordinary room is generally: 

a) one point perspective              b) two-pint perspective 

c) three point perspective                       d) all of the above

168. Site plan is a :

a) structural plan                            b) architectural plan 

c) section plan                                             d) none of the above

169. Working drawings:

a) must provide complete information to produce the object 

b) need not provide complete information 

c) should be supplemented by further details

d) should be supplemented by specifications

170. In general structural drawings would typically include following information:

a) north point                                              b) plan, section and elevation

c) notes on specification              d) all of the above

171. A technical drawing of an object that shows the relationship or

order of assembly of the various parts is known

a) orthographic projection                      b) exploded view drawing

c) compacted view drawing                    d) axonometric drawing

172. The space covered by a drawing in a paper after changing the

scale from 1:100 to 1:50 will:

a) increase 400%                            b) increase 200%

c) decrease 200%                           d) decrease 400%

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