Civil engineer objective questions – Drawing Techniques (Section-2)

51. The shape of scales are

a) flat and triangular                                 b) flat and rectangular c) flat and square                           d) all of the above

52. The drawing for municipality is done at scale 

a) 1″ = 8′                                                       b) 1:50

c) 1:100                                                        d) both (a) and (c)

53. To measure a fraction we use

a) diagonal scale                                         b) T-square 

c) set square                                                d) planimeter

54. Find the RF for scale 1cm = 25 km  

a)1 250                                            b)  1 2500

c) 1 25000                                                  d)  1 2500000    

55. Tracing paper is also named as      

a) drafting vellum                          b) drafting film 

c) drafting media                            d) drafting line

56. During draw a drawing we start from

a) top to bottom of drawing paper

b) bottom to top of drawing paper 

c) right to left of the drawing paper 

d) left to right of drawing paper 

e) both (a) and (d) of above

57. Bisecting a line means, divide a line into….. equal part.

a) two                                                            b) three

c) four                                                           d) none of the above

58. The angle between two perpendicular line I

a) 0°                                                               b) 45°

c) 90°                                                 d) 180°

59. The angle between two horizontal line is

a) 0°                                                               b) 180°

c) both (a) and (b) of above        d) none of the above

60. Dashed (dotted) line is used for indication

a) edge of the object                                 b) hidden edge of the object 

c) centre line of the object                      d) all of the above

61.The lines which are drawn to represent visible edges and surface boundaries of objects are called…………

a) outlines                                                    b) principle lines

c) both (a) and (b) of above                    d) none of the above

62. The unseen/inner edge of an object is represented by

a) solid line                                       b) dotted line

c) hatch line                                     d) none of the above

63. The space between two sentences should be left equal to

a) height of letter                           b) twice the ht. of letter

c) 1.5 times ht. of letter                d) none of the above

64. In case of aligned method of dimensioning, they can be readable form

a) bottoms and right side of drawing sheet

b) bottoms and left side of drawing sheet

c) bottoms and top side of drawing sheet  d) all of the above

65. In case of unidirectional method of dimensioning, they can be read from

a) bottom side of drawing sheet only

b) right side of drawing sheet only

c) top side of drawing sheet only

d) left side of drawing sheet only 

66. The main objective of writing letters/alphabets on the drawing is to make the drawing

a) more fantastic                            b) more informative

c)more expensive                           d) all of the above

67. The angle between isometric axes is

a) 30°                                                             b) 60°

c) 90°                                                 d) 120°

68. The isometric length of the edge of the cube is

a) more than actual length                      b) equal to actual length

c) less than actual length              d) all of the above

69.The isometric length of the edge of the cube is obtained by

a) adding 0.815 in actual length           

b) dividing actual length by 0.815

c) multiplying actual length by 0.815

d) none of the above

70. In case of perspective projection, picture plane is placed

a) between eye and object

b) outside of eye towards eye

c) outside of object towards object

d) all of the above

71. Perspective projection is used to represent

a) real exact size of object                       b) real exact shape of object

c) natural view of the object       d) all of the above

72. Normally perspective projection is used by……. to represent the object

a) engineer                                       b) doctor

c) manufacturer in marketing    d) painter

73. Picture plane is 

a) transparent                                             b) opaque    

c) semi transparent                                   d) all of the above

74. The plane on which perspective is formed is called:

a) horizontal plane                                    b) picture plane

c) ground plane                                          d) central plane

75. Ground plane is 

a) horizontal plane                                    b) vertical plane

c) inclined plane                                         d) none of the above

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