Civil engineer objective questions – Design of Concrete Structure (Section-2)

26. The factor of safety for

a) Steel and concrete are same

b) Steel is lower than that for concrete

c) Steel is higher than that for concrete

d) None of the above

27. The fineness modulus of fine aggregate is in the range of

a) 2.0 to 3.5

b) 3.5 to 5.0

c) 5.0 to 7.0

d) 6.0 to 8.5

28. The compressive strength of 100 mm cube as compared to 150 mm cube is always

a) Less

b) More

c) Equal

d) None of the above

29. If a beam fails in bond, then its bond strength can be increased most economically by

a) Increasing the depth of beam

b) Using thinner bars but more in number

c) Using thicker bars but less in number

d) Providing vertical stirrups

30. If the depth of actual neutral axis in beam is more than the depth of critical neutral axis, then the beam is called

a) Balanced beam

b) Under-reinforced beam

c) Over-reinforced beam

d) None of the above

31. Minimum grade of concrete to be used in reinforced concrete as per IS:456-1978 is

a) M15

b) M20

c) M10

d) M25

32. Maximum quantity of water needed per 50 kg of cement for M 15 grade of concrete is

a) 28 liters

b) 30 liters

c) 32 liters

d) 34 liters

33. For concreting of heavily reinforced sections without vibration, the workability of concrete expressed as compacting factor should be

a) 0.75-0.80

b) 0.80-0.85

c) 0.85-0.92

d) Above 0.92

34. In case of hand mixing of concrete, the extra cement to be added is

a) 5%

b) 10%

c) 15%

d) 20%

35. The individual variation between test strength of simple should not be more than

a) (+ -) 5% of average

b) (+ -) 10% of average

c) (+ -) 15% of average

d) (+ -) 20% of average

36. For wall, columns and vertical faces of all structural members, the from work is generally removed after

a) 24 to 48 hours

b) 3 days

c) 7 days

d) 14 days

37. One of the criteria for effective width of flange T-beam is bf = – + bw + 6Df 6 In above formula, 10 signifies

a) Effective span of T-beam

b) Distance between points of zero moments in the beam

c) Distance between points of maximum moments in the beam

d) Clear span of the T-beam

38. For a continuous slab of 3 m * 3.5 m size, the minimum overall depth of slab to satisfy vertical deflection limits is

a) 50 mm

b) 75 mm

c) 100 mm

d) 120 mm

39. For a cantilever of effective depth of 0.5m, the maximum span to satisfy vertical deflection limit is

a) 3.5 m

b) 4 m

c) 4.5 m

d) 5 m

40. Diagonal tension in a beam

a) Is maximum at neutral axis

b) Decrease below the neutral axis and increase above the neutral axis

c) Increase below the neutral axis and decrease above the neutral axis

d) Remains same

41. For a simply supported beam of span 15m,the minimum effective depth to satisfy the vertical deflection limits should be

a) 600 mm

b) 750 mm

c) 900 mm

d) More than 1 m

42. According to IS : 456 – 1978, minimum slenderness ratio for short column is

a) Less than 12

b) Less than 18

c) Between 18 and 24

d) More than 24

43. The minimum cover in slab should neither be less than the diameter of bar nor less than

a) 10 mm

b) 15 mm

c) 25 mm

d) 13 mm

44. The ratio of the diameter of reinforcing bars and the slab thickness is

a) 1/4

b) 1/5

c) 1/6

d) 1/8

45. The percentage of reinforcement in case of slabs, when strength deformed bars are used is not less than

a) 0.15

b) 0.12

c) 0.30

d) 1.00

46. Lap length in compression shall not be less than

A0 14 4>

b) 20

c) 24 (j)

d) 30 (j)

 Where (j) is diameter of bar

47. According to IS: 456-1978, the maximum reinforcement in a column is

a) 2%

b) 4%

c) 6%

d) 8   %

48. A continuous beam is deemed is to a deep beam when the ratio of effective span to overall depth (1/d). is less than

a) 1.5

b) 2.0

c) 2.5

d) 3.0

49. Minimum thickness of load bearing RCC wall should be

a) 50 mm

b) 100 mm

c) 150 mm

d) 200 mm

50. The slab is designed as one way if the ratio of long span to short span is

a) Less than 1

b) Between 1 and 2             

c) Between 1.5 and 2

d) Greater than 2

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