Civil engineer objective questions – Building Materials (Section-9)

401. Bitumen is

a ) solid state is called asphalt

b ) semi solid state is called mineral far

c ) fluid is called petr oleum

d ) all of the above

402. Mastic asphalt is

a ) water proof

b ) fire proof

c ) elastic

d ) all of the above

 403. Mastic asphalt is generally used for

a ) damp proof course

b ) water proof layer

c ) partition walls

d ) both ( a ) and ( b ) of above

404. Bitumen is generally obtained form

a) organic material

b ) synthetic material

c) petroleum product

d) coal

405. Bitumen may be dissolved in

a ) carbon dioxide

b) water

c ) sodium chloride

d) carbon disulphide

406. Plastic bitumen is generally used for

a ) road pavements

b) expansion joint

c ) crack fillings

d) non of the above

407. Bitumen emulsion is

a ) a paint

b ) a liquid containing bitumen in suspension

c ) used as anti corrosive paint

 d ) all of the above

408. Bitumen felt is

 a ) used as water proofing material

b ) used as damp proofing material

b ) expansion joint

c ) made from bitumen and adhesion fibre

d ) all of the above

 409. Asphalt in obtained form

a ) petroleum distillation

b) bitumen distillation

c ) plastic distillation

d) all of the above

410. Mastic asphalt is

 a ) acid resistive material

b) non corrosive materials

c ) corrosive material

d) heating resisting materials

411. The filler used in plastic bitumen is

a ) shale powder

b) talc powder

c ) asbestos powder

d) plastic powder

412. Which one is correct with respect to bitumen ?

 a ) liquid petroleum

 b ) asphalt

c ) semi – solid + mineral asphalt

d ) all of the above

413. The union of two or more smaller molecule of same or different types with or without elimination of water is known

 a ) polymerization

 b ) depolymerization

 c ) condensation

d ) none of the above

 414. The degradation of polymers by disrupting the inter molecular bond is known as

a) polymerization

 b ) depolymerization

c) condensation

d) non of the above

415. The natural rubber is obtained from the ….. of the plant .

a) root

b) stem

c) latex

d) branches

416. Plastics are … materials.

a) organic

b) inorganic

c) woody

d) none of the above

417. Who coined the term soil mechanics ?

 a ) terzaghi

b ) cassagrande

c ) newmark

d ) rankine

418. Pick up the correct sequence of geological cycle for the formation of soil

a ) transportation – upheaval deposition – weathering

b ) transportation – deposition – weathering – upheaval

c ) weathering upheaval – deposition – transportation

d ) weathering – transportation deposition – upheaval

419. Chemical weathering occurs because of

a ) oxidation

b ) carbonation

c ) hydration

d) all of the above

 420. Physical weathering occurs due to

a ) temperature changes

b ) wedging action of ice

c ) spreading of roots of plants

d ) all of the above

421. If the soil stays at a place above the parent rock where it is produced , then it is called

 a ) stationary soil

b ) static soil

c ) residual soil

d ) immobile soil

422. An agent responsible for the transportation of soil is

a ) wind

b) water

c ) gravity

d) all of the above

423. Cohesionless soils are formed due to

 a ) oxidation of rocks

b ) leaching action of water on rocks

c ) blowing of hot and cold wind

d ) physical disintegration of rocks

424. Peat is composed of

a ) clay and sand

b ) decayed vegetable matter

c ) inorganic silt and silty clay

d ) synthetic chemicals

 425. Honey combed structure is found in

a ) gravels

b ) coarse sands

c ) fine silts and clays

d ) highly plastic slays

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