Civil engineer objective questions – Building Materials (Section-8)

376. The paints used in aircrafts are

a ) dry paints

b ) cellulose paints

c ) water paints

d ) emulsion paints

377. The defect in painting caused due to sliding of one layer of paint over another layer , is known as .

a ) wrinkling

b ) peeling

c ) alligatoring

d ) none of the above

378. The main constituent of varnish is

a ) resin

b ) water

c ) chalk

d ) bitumen

379. The varnish is essentially made of

a ) resin

 b ) solvent

c ) driver

d ) both ( a ) and ( b ) of above

380. French polish is made by dissolving the resin

a ) in oil

b ) in water

c ) in spirit

d ) in turpentine

381. Snowcem is

a) a cement paint

b ) an oil paint

c ) an enamel paint

d ) a cellulose paint

382. The pigment used in paints for corrosive resistance is

a ) red lead

b ) white lead

c ) gypsum

d ) ferrous oxide

 383. The pigment commonly used in the manufacture

 a ) ambers

 b ) iron oxide

c ) lamp black

d ) all of the above

384. PVC controls in paint

a ) gloss

b ) cohesion & adhesion

c ) durability & washability

d ) all of the above

385. PVC stands for

a ) pigment volume concentration

b ) poly vinyl carbide

c ) ploy vinyl chlorine

d ) none of the above

 386. Muller is concerned with

a ) ground the base of paint

b ) it is made of stone

c ) preparation of paint

d) all of the above

387. The cracks developed throughout thickness of paint due various reason is known as

a ) wrinkling

b ) blistering

c ) sagging

d ) cracking

388. The material generally not used as extender in paints is

a ) powered silica

b ) gypsum

c ) talc

d ) zinc white

389. The following element of a paint is used as base , pigment as well as drier

a ) red lead

c ) black lead

b ) white lead

d ) all of the above

 390. A  prime coat is given to steel work

a ) an oxide of iron paint

b ) a mixture of linseed oil & red lead

c ) an oxide of paint

d ) all of the above

391. Stucco paints are suitable for

 a ) stone masonry

 b ) brick walls

 c ) both ( a ) and ( b ) of above

 d ) none of the above

 392. The radiator of vehicles are pointed with

a ) asbestos paint

 b ) plastic paint

c ) oil paint

d ) bronze paint

393. Inert filler / adulterant is used in paint to

a ) increase the volume

b ) reduce the cost

c ) both ( a ) and ( b ) of above

d) none of the above

394. The most durable varnish is

a ) oil varnish

b) spirit varnish

c ) flat varnish

d) asphalt varnish

395. Brilliant varnish is

a ) oil varnish

b) spirit varnish

c ) flat varnish

d) asphalt varnish

396. Bitumen is used for

a ) water proofing

b) damp proofing

c ) joint filler

d) all of the above

397. Asphalt is a mixture of

a ) bitumen and inert mineral matter

b ) bitumen and asbestos

c ) bitumen and cement

d ) tar and asbestos

 398. Plastic asphalt is

a) a mixture of cement and asphalt

b) a natural asphalt

c) a refinery product

d) none of the above

399. When bitumen is graded by 75/15, the figure 75 represents

a ) viscosity in centipoises

b) softening point in degree Celcius

c ) fire point in degrees Celcius

d) flash points in degrees celsius

400 . Bitumen paint renders

a ) protective surface

b) shining surface

c ) smooth surface

d ) hard surface

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