Civil engineer objective questions – Building Materials (Section-7)

351. Base pigments are used for

a ) easy spreading

b ) glossy face

c ) smooth surface

b ) durability

d ) protection

352. Extenders used in paints for

a ) colouring

b ) glossy face

c ) smooth surface

d ) easy spreading

353. The commonly used thinner in oil paints is

a ) naptha

b ) turpentine

c ) olive oil

d ) both ( a ) and ( b ) above

 354. The commonly used thinner in distempers

a ) olive oil

b ) naptha

c ) turpentine

d ) water

355. Turpentine oil is used in paints as a

a ) base

b ) thinner

c ) drier

d ) vehicle

356. The defect in painting over a smooth and glossy surface due to which paint does not stick to the surface , is known as

 a ) scaling

b ) blistering

c ) sagging

d ) wrinkling

357. The base material for distemper is

a ) clay

b ) chalk

c ) lime

 d ) all of the above

358. Distemper is a mixture of

a ) chalk & water

b ) red oxide and water

c ) letharge & sprite

d ) all of the above

359. Vehicle not used in paint is

a ) poppy oil

d ) tung oil

c ) turpentine oil

d) linseed oil

360. The paint highly resistant to fire is

a ) enamel paint

b ) asbestos paint

c ) aluminium paint

d) cement paint

361. The oily liquid in which base and pigment are dissolved to form a paint is called

a ) thinner

b ) filler

c ) vehicle

d ) none of the above

 362. The base in a paint has the following function

 a ) it forms the body of the paint

b ) it reduces the shrinkage cracks

c ) it reinforces the films of the paint after it has dried and prevents the penetration of paint to lower surfaces

d ) all of the above

363. The cracks in the painted surface extending throughout the thickness of the paint are caused due to

a ) improper seasoning of the painted wood

b ) excessive use of drier

c ) too many coats of paint resulting in excessive thickness

d ) all of the above

364. The small areas on painted surface enclosed by hair line cracks are called

a ) crazing

b ) crocodiling

c ) chalking

d ) blistering

365. Lacquer paints are

 a ) generally applied on structural steel

 b ) are more durable compared to enamel paints

c ) consisting of resin and nitro-cellulose

d ) all of the above

366. Lacquer is

a ) distemper

b ) oil paint

c ) spirit varnish

d ) none of the above

367. The solvent used in cement paints is

a ) turpentine

b ) water

c ) spirit

d ) kerosene

368. Distemper is used on

a ) plastered surfaces not exposed to weather

b ) plastered surface exposed to weather

c ) roof tops

 d ) unplastered brick wall

369. The best primer used for structural steel / iron is

a ) zinc oxide

b ) red lead

c ) white lead

d ) iron oxide

370. The commonly used cement in making cement paints is

a ) portland cement

b) alumina cement

c ) white cement

d ) any of the above

371. The paint used for automobiles is

a ) distemper

b) emulsion paints

c ) oil paint

d) any of the above

372. Duco is the trade name for

a ) bituminous paint

b) oil paint

c ) cellulose paint

d) water paint

373. The paint which gives illumination during night is called

a ) fluorescent paint

b ) cellulose paint

c ) enamel paint

d ) none of the above

374. The function of a paint is

a ) to give a clean , colourful and pleasing surface

b ) to increase the life of the painted surface

c ) to protect the surface from corrosion and other weather effects

d ) all of the above

375. The painting work is generally specified by

a ) weight of the paint applied

b ) labour used in the painting

c ) area of the painted surface

d ) all of the above

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