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Welcome to Civilconcept.com Online helping Site. Hi my, all lovely friends My name is Ranjeet Sahani. I am Studying B.E in Civil Engineering. 

I Started This blogging in 2018 for Shearing my Knowledge and information about Civil engineering and Some motivational views of my experience. 
I want all of you to know all knowledge about civil engineering in an easy way so that you can work on any construction site easily. You can follow my site to get my new uploaded information and video by Subscribing my Site. 

I will provide you all information about civil related subjects like Construction, Highway, Bridge, Autocad tutorial, and all simple and important things to know about civil engineering.

Civil Concept Mission 

The mission of this site is to collect information about civil engineering and share it to the reader so that they can also gain important knowledge and increase their work experience on-site. It also have a youtube channel named Civil Concept.

Thank you